Current Funds

At The Portage Foundation, we work with donors — individuals, families, businesses, organizations — to create and sustain charitable funds that have the greatest possible impact on our communities.

Create a legacy of your own by establishing an endowed fund, and become a part of The Portage Foundation.

Animal Welfare

Arts and Culture

  • Jack Colebrook Fund – Aurora Community Theater

Children and Youth

  • Dara Ashley Bakes Fund – Prevention of Child Abuse
  • Don and Barb Bentley Memorial Endowment – Roosevelt High School Athletics/Literacy
  • Children’s Advantage Fund – Children’s Advantage Mission
  • Daneen Clark-Wood Memorial Fund – Children and Youth
  • Norman Sandvoss Youth Recreation Fund
  • Lois and C. William Shallenberger Fund – Children

Economic Development

  • Kevin T. Lewis Fund for Economic Development

Education and Scholarships


  • Harriett and Joe Begala Memorial Fund – Environment
  • John and Jane Gwinn Fund for the Environment
  • Kent Environmental Council Fund

General and Foundation

  • Ralph W. Kletzien Fund for Operations – The Portage Foundation
  • Kosar Marketing Fund – Marketing/promotion of The Portage Foundation

Health and Human Services

  • Davina Gosnell Fund for Health
  • David H. Green Fund – VNA/ Hospice
  • John and Jane Gwinn Fund for Human Services
  • Joann and Jerry Hayes Fund
  • Jeanette B. Hinman Fund – Elder Care
  • Sister Jordan Fund – County Clothing Center, Center of Hope, Kent Social Services
  • John and Elsie Joy Memorial Endowment – Veteran’s Issues and Programs
  • Colin Wilson McKinney Memorial Fund – Stillborn Research and Family Support
  • Murphy-Bakes Fund – Eldercare / Dementia / Alzheimer’s
  • Gerald and Victoria Read Fund – VNA/ Hospice
  • Eleonore Snyder Family Fund for Health
  • James B. Tinnin Fund – Transition to employment for the poor and unemployed
  • Townhall II Endowment – Townhall II Mission