We award grants to a variety of organizations in our region for a variety of causes.

The following grants have been awarded during the past 10 years.

January 2000 - December 2010

GranteePurpose of Grant
American Red Cross
  • Youth Leadership development program, to become Red Cross instructors
Boys and Girls Club
  • Staff to attend a leadership development course.
  • After school and summer programs.
Center of Hope
  • Operations support (Multiple grants)
Child Health Services of P.C.
  • Child Health Expo for Portage County.
Children’s Advantage
  • Brochures and materials to start an endowment Fund.
Coleman Professional Services
  • Dementia training for staff at Coleman Adult Day Care Programs.
  • Resident Health and Safety Training Program.
Community Action Council
  • Family literacy services that are provided to low income families of young children. (3 grants)
Community Legal Aid Services
  • Financial Information and Legal Education presentations to low-income and elderly residents.
Country Clothing Center
  • Resource deveopment.
  • Operating support (Multiple grants).
Crestwood High School
  • Scholarship to student identified by Crestwood H.S. from Bernie Kosar Fund (3 awarded)
Family & Community Services
  • Kent Social Services, Center of Hope and County Clothing Center. ( 8 grants)
  • Aha! Program for social workers/counselors
  • Healthy Start Program
  • County Clothing Center Fund Raising Initiative
  • Adult financial literacy program.
  • Scholarship support for Kent Ravenna students to attend Camp invention.
  • “Camp Endeavor: Diabetes is a Family Affair”.
  • Freedom House for homeless veterans in Portage County.
  • Place of peace program.
  • Empower Portage program.
Fathers and Sons of NE Ohio
  • Fatherhood education classes at the Freedom House location.
Goodwill Industries
  • The Elizabeth Clark Emergency Fund at Goodwill.
Hattie Larlham
  • Youth Volunteer Corps that pairs up children in the community one-on-one with a Hattie Larlham resident.
Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community
  • Equipment and supplies for use by adults with autism spectrum disorder.
Kent Social Services
  • Operation support (Multiple grants)
Kidney Foundation of Ohio
  • Kidney Foundation’s emergency assistance program.
Leg Up Equestrian Center, Inc.
  • Program that is dedicated to improving the emotional and social development of foster children .
Mobile Meals
  • Clients in who cannot afford meals and supplements. (3 grants)
Portage County Health Department
  • Immunization project for children 36 months and younger. (3 grants)
Portage Park District
  • Printing of “Friends of the Portage Parks” brochures.
  • Development of a land conservation plan for Portage County
Randolph Township
  • Establishing a comprehensive service continuum for community and family disaster preparedness.
Ravenna High School
  • Scholarship to student identified by Ravenna H.S. from the Douglas Cowell Scholarship Fund.
Ravenna Parks and Recreation
  • Youth Scholarship Program for Parks and Rec. programs.
Robinson Memorial Hospital VNA/Hospice
  • Services to home care patients and those in the hospice program not covered by other revenue sources. (10 grants)
Salvation Army
  • Life Enrichment by Accomplishing Priorities program.
Skeels Improvement Corporation
  • Equipment and materials to be used in the Grandparents, Reaching, Educating and Teaching Program.
Smart Community Development Corporation
  • Child friendly and handicap accessible playground in Ravenna.
Southeast Schools
  • Assistance with their study of Ohio history.
Standing Rock Cultural Arts
  • New World Children's Theater program. (2 grants)
Townhall II
  • Program to build partnerships within a community and its enforcement personnel.
United Way of P.C.
  • Healthy Community Partnership
  • Leadership Recruitment
  • Publications