Solutions For Your Clients

We can help you help your clients

You know your clients. We know philanthropy. Together we can ensure your clients make the best decisions for making a difference in Portage County. We’ve developed our financial policies to optimize the impact of every gift and to simplify the giving process. We manage funds carefully and invest wisely.

Please let us know how we can help you aid your clients in developing long-term giving plans.

Points to consider:

  • Clients may believe a private foundation is their only option for long-term involvement with assets they set aside for charitable purposes. In reality, The Portage Foundation offers numerous advantages for giving that provide ways for them to stay engaged in giving, while avoiding many of the hassles of private foundation management.
  • Clients who already have a private foundation may find there are several benefits in converting it to a fund at The Portage Foundation and avoiding some of the hassles (and costs) of private foundation management.
  • In either case, there are numerous types of funds to consider. Each allows your clients to remain involved in grant making, if that is their desire. Their intent, name and pattern of charitable giving will be maintained—in perpetuity if they wish.
  • With The Portage Foundation, your clients also have the freedom to give outright gifts – cash, stock, closely-held securities, real estate, or personal property and receive maximum tax benefits—all while helping the community now and forever. It may not be possible to put certain complex assets into a private foundation.
  • Additionally, your clients have the ability to make deferred gifts through life insurance policies, charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities while gaining tax and financial benefits.