Partnerships with Businesses

Building a Better Community Together

AMETEK ~ The Davey Tree Epert Company ~ Allen Aircraft ~Brimfield Insurance ~NEOMED and others!

Local businesses in Portage County and surrounding areas have a vested interest in the health and vitality of your surrounding communities. Employees, customers, and key stakeholders all benefit from your commitment to improve the quality of life where they live, work, and raise their families.

For nearly 20 years, The Portage Foundation has been helping people achieve their charitable goals, supporting nonprofit organizations, and creating lasting good work in the region. We provide a simple, powerful, and highly customized approach to giving and offer a variety of tools to meet specific individual or organizational needs.

Partnerships that maximize results

To help businesses maximize their return on community investment, The Portage Foundation offers comprehensive and flexible support services for charitable giving. As your community foundation partner, we are committed to making a real impact and responsible stewardship of resources.

We help companies meet their charitable goals by providing administrative and financial support services for charitable giving as well as information on critical community issues. Whether you prefer to support a variety of charities or a competitive grants program, our professional staff works with you to advance your philanthropic mission. We provide cost-effective and tax-efficient ways to outsource corporate grantmaking and improve philanthropic efficiency.

Support to achieve your goals

By combining our grantmaking expertise with our knowledge of the community and its nonprofit organizations, we can provide meaningful assistance throughout the grantmaking process. We provide valuable strategic input and direction as well as administrative management and support to help implement your corporate plan and streamline the grantmaking process.

Our experienced staff can provide strategic services, such as:

  • Developing a corporate giving plan tailored to interest areas and giving priorities.
  • Exploring and identifying the most appropriate philanthropic vehicle(s).
  • Assisting in the development of grant guidelines consistent with giving priorities.
  • Identifying local/regional issues and providing insight on community needs and conditions.

Our administrative support services include:

  • Assisting with the management of your corporate foundation or giving program.
  • Soliciting and coordinating grant requests and fielding grant inquiries.
  • Processing grant requests and pre-screening proposals to assure alignment with your priorities and guidelines.
  • Researching, evaluating and recommending potential grant recipients, assessing each organization’s financial condition, strength of staff leadership and board, and program effectiveness.
  • Monitoring and evaluating grant recipients, serving as a liaison between corporation and grant recipients, reviewing and reporting grant recipient effectiveness to committee or board.
  • Organizing nonprofit site visits to promote participation.