Why Donate

Shape the Future and Leave a Lasting Legacy

Imagine being able to touch and shape the future, right now. Imagine making an investment with exponential return. Imagine your legacy; long-lasting, alive in the hearts of others for many years to come. Let us help you bring your legacy to life.

Community foundations represent one of the fastest growing areas of philanthropy. Anyone can use the foundation to give back to our community. Assets that you donate create one of several types of funds to support your charitable goals.

We offer a full menu of planned giving options to tailor your gift.

You can create a fund in honor of someone you love, to celebrate a special event, to broadly or narrowly support issues you care about, or to areas in greatest need.

Your fund will be pooled with our other funds and professionally managed. The Portage Foundation invests your charitable donation and awards grants to many humanitarian, educational, and cultural organizations in our region.