Brown Middle School

The Portage Foundation has awarded a grant of $2,021.84 to Brown Middle School of Ravenna. The funds will go directly towards the purchase of two 3D printers and refill filaments for Brown Middle School STEM (science/technology career readiness class) students.

Brown Middle School’s STEM classes host a project called The Maker Challenge, where students are provided with training and authentic learning experiences using 3D printing technology.

3D printing technology is currently being utilized by STEM programs and industries around the world. The Maker Challenge project requires two classroom 3D printers by Makerbot that come with printing supplies, lessons, and both teacher and student training and certification.

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting how schools are able to teach in the classrooms, this project has become more than a way to immerse students in 21st century technology in a competitive global environment.

Working with two 3D printers in the STEM classroom will allow students to be introduced to technology that they can choose to explore further through Brown Middle School’s 8th grade, high school, and career center’s industrial technology courses.

The goal of this project is to showcase students’ work through a community STEM fair during the school’s annual rummage sale in the spring, and to provide early training that students and other teachers can use in the seventh-eight grades at the school.