Portage County Dog Warden

The Portage Foundation is pleased to announce that we have awarded a grant of $3,500.00 to the Portage County Dog Warden’s Office and Shelter. The Portage County Dog Warden’s mission is to protect the community by taking in aggressive, stray, lost, and missing dogs and to provide the best care for the animals with the goal of finding their forever home.

The Portage County Dog Warden relies heavily on donations and grants to cover the medical expenses of any dog that may need medical care. These medical expenses vary from spay/neuters to x-rays and minor injuries.

The awarded grant will be utilized for medical expenses at the Shelter. “The funds are very helpful for medical uses such as spaying and neutering dogs” Dave McIntyre, Chief Dog Warden said. “That money also goes very far towards any injuries that may occur.”

The Portage County Dog Warden is the only organization in Portage County dedicated to taking in stray dogs, which results in lots of dogs in the Warden’s care. The office took in 468 dogs in 2019. Having the available funds to spay and neuter stray dogs can help with the county’s stray dog population growth.

“Along with spaying and neutering, there are costs that pile up such as small cuts or injuries that are not in our budget to get treated by vets” McIntyre said.

The funds will also be used towards minor surgeries, advancing the process in finding these dogs their forever homes.

“We are very appreciative of the grant and it truly does go a long way in helping us, this year has been tough with COVID and our revenue is not where it normally would be so little things like this grant go a long way” McIntyre said. “That’s huge for an office like mine and just for the community in general and we are very appreciative of it.”

The grant check has been awarded with the funds available for immediate use by the Warden.