Renaissance Family Center

The Portage Foundation has awarded a grant of $1,920.00 to the Renaissance Family of Windham, Ohio Inc. The Renaissance Family Center is a community-based organization dedicated to fulfilling its mission, “To keep and enhance the quality of life for families of Windham and neighboring communities through services, stewardship of resources, and shared responsibility.”

Founded in 2009, the Renaissance Family Center has a vision and commitment to help the community by providing food, clothing, recreation, education, and other needs.

Although the Center provides services for many in the community, they have experienced a problem with a large segment of the population not knowing about the Center and its services. This brings the immediate need to develop numerous print materials for the Center, including brochures, signage, business cards, promotional items, fliers, and more.

“We applied for the grant in order to increase our public relations print material” Betty Gray, Executive Director said. “There are a lot of things that we do and a number of people who are affected, but we find that there are still so many people that don’t even know we exist”

The awarded funds will assist in the organization’s need for print materials. These funds will also be used for direct mail, advertisement in local newspapers, quarterly newsletters, as well as resources for the Center’s social media pages to keep the community updated.

“I am so appreciative of the Portage Foundation. They have really helped us to do some of the things that really just weren’t in our budget and have helped move some of our programs along” Gray said. “We appreciate the opportunity to be able to apply for a grant like that and the fact that generous people give to the Portage Foundation so that those funds are available for organizations that just need a little extra boost.”

The funds are currently available and are ready for immediate use by the Center.