Testimonial“Services that bring special comfort or a real lift in spirits to someone in hospice care — a massage, for example — or another service that provides these results are often those not covered by insurance programs. For that reason, funds like those established at The Portage Foundation by Victoria and Gerald Read in 1999 or by the family and friends of the late David Howard Green in 2001 have been vital to the success of the Robinson Hospital Visiting Nurse and Hospice Program. The generosity of those original donors has given us the flexibility to respond to a whole range of patient needs. Moreover, since the Read and Green Funds are part of The Portage Foundation’s permanent endowment, we know that they will continue to provide comfort to patients for years to come. All of us involved in hospice care are so grateful for the foresight that has made it possible to ease the journeys of so many in the final weeks or months of life. Heartfelt thanks to the donors and to The Portage Foundation!”


“The Portage Foundation shares our interest in supporting sustainable communities, in our case a focus on the city of Kent. We appreciate the flexibility the Foundation gives us in both investing for the long term and holding funds for the short term. This permits us to both build our asset base and yet have funds available to support projects of immediate importance in line with our mission. Community foundations play an important role in enabling donors to do good works, as evidenced by both the Cleveland and Akron Foundations. We are glad to partner with the Portage Foundation to advance our ecological/environmental, social/cultural and economic objectives.”

– The Kent Environmental Council

” After my mother passed away our family wanted to honor her in a public way. Her priority was that all children receive and appreciate a good education because it will better insure a quality lifestyle and success in life. Although my mother was originally from Marion, Ohio and we all lived in Summit County, my work experience in Portage County and service on the Portage County Educational Services Center Business Advisory Council made me aware of the educational needs in this county which are similar in some demographics to Marion. The Foundation helped us define our educational endowment which would honor all of the family heritage, The Otto Family Fund in remembrance of Edith Hartle Darnell.”

– Ann Otto, Ph.D. Principal Consultant The Otto HR Group, Ltd.