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The 100 for 100 Campaign is about our Why...

You can you Run 100 miles! Join the Ultra '21 Society!

What if the race supported a good cause? You can join the Ultra ’21 Society to participate virtually in a 100-mile ultramarathon (footrace). This giving society lets you be part of the action with a suggested entry level gift of $100 to the Foundation’s Excellence Fund, or $1 for every mile that the executive director will be running to raise awareness about the important work being done in our community. We are in this race together, and your gift will go toward supporting those in our community who cannot run.

Why the Ultra '21 Society?

The Portage Foundation is running a campaign – 100 for 100. The goal? To create awareness of the impact of the Foundation and help those in need around us. The 100 for 100 Campaign is an opportunity for you to make a personal statement – a $100 gift representing each mile run… all 100 of them at the Burning River 100-mile Ultramarathon on July 24!

What's Our Race?

Is the 100 for 100 Campaign about running or the Burning River ultramarathon? No. The 100 for 100 Campaign is about our WHY. Why the Foundation exists and why we support our community. The Foundation runs this race, “For the people that can’t run.” Our Community Foundation has 11 focus areas – ranging from Art & Culture to Veterans Support. Our overarching focus is on helping those most in need. To be our best, our Community Foundation is raising annual operating support. This enables all of us to come together and support our community.

What is the Excellence Fund?

The Excellence Fund is the Foundation’s general operating fund. The Excellence Fund supports the day-to-day work of the Portage Foundation. Specifically, allowing us to work with donors that create endowed and restricted funds to provide grants and scholarships that in turn will help the community.  This year, we are literally investing blood, sweat, and tears into the Excellence Fund by sending our executive director to participate in an ultramarathon to showcase the important work that we do, with generous support from community members, just like you!

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