Portage County Disaster Relief Fund

Your help is needed for our Portage neighbors after a disaster.

Volunteer and Donate Responsibly.

About the Disaster Relief Fund

The Portage County Disaster Relief Fund (PCDRF) at the Portage Foundation is the official donation fund to assists area residents in times of disaster. The PCDRF was established as a partnership of the Portage County Emergency Management Agency, with the approval of the Portage County Commissioners, and the Portage Foundation. The goal of the PCDRF is to help our community recover from natural or manmade disasters.

When activated, monetary donations collected through the PCDRF will be distributed to residents for assistance in immediate needs and long-term recovery. The determination on whether to activate the PCDRF will be made by the Portage County EMA and based on the disaster’s impact and the unmet needs of the community. Our goal is to only use this fund for true emergency/disaster situations and to support long-term or ongoing needs through the many other funds available at the Portage Foundation.

Thank you for your support of your Portage County neighbors.

How to Donate

The PCDRF will be activated and accepting donations when requested by the Portage County Emergency Management Agency based on the impact of the natural or manmade disaster and the level of unmet need.

If you would like to make a donation to support everyday needs of our residents or community issues, please use our main donation portal.

Online Donation

The online donation portal will be activated at the request of the EMA based on impact & unmet needs.


Checks made out to the Portage County Disaster Relief Fund can be mailed to:

Portage Foundation
PO Box 623
Kent, Ohio 44240

Cash or Checks

Cash or check donations may also be dropped off at Portage Community Bank branches in the name of the Portage County Disaster Relief Fund at the Portage Foundation. 

Applying for Relief

Application is now available for the Windham Tornado April 2024 event.

The monetary donations collected through the Portage County Disaster Relief Fund (PCDRF) at the Portage Foundation will be distributed by a small volunteer committee called the Donations Coordinating Team (DCT) comprised of members of the Portage County EMA, the Portage Foundation, the leaders of the municipalities impacted, and other agencies such as Job and Family Services or local Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster members (VOADs) based on factors that are relevant to that specific disaster triggering its activation. The criteria for distribution eligibility and the application process will be determined by the DCT.

The amount of funds available for distribution will be directly related to the total funds collected. Applications will be available online on the Portage Foundation website and in paper copies at locations throughout the impacted area.

In all cases, the goal of the PCDRF is to assist those impacted by disaster in an equitable, transparent, and timely manner. The DCT protocol for how accumulated charitable funds will be distributed to victims will be available to the community. Additional pledges and contributions will be added to the PCDRF for distribution until the fund closes.


PCDRF Windham Tornado



Uninsured Losses

To be eligible for PCDRF funds, description of uninsured losses and documentation such as images of insurance policy, quote from service provider, receipts showing purchases made in aftermath, etc.

Maximum file size: 4.19MB

Signature and Attestation

By completing this application, I attest that all information submitted is true and accurate. I understand that information will be subject to review by the PCDRF Donations Committee to determine award amounts.

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