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Portage Foundation 2023 Annual Report

The 2023 Annual Report has been release by the Board of Trustees. The report outlines the impacts the foundation has had within the area and our generous donors.

Celebrating 25+ Years of Driving Meaningful Change Through Philanthropy

The Portage Foundation was established in 1997 from the assets realized through the sale of the Greater Portage Area Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice. The Foundation was created to build a permanent source of income to meet community charitable needs and the philanthropic needs for our donors. The Portage Foundation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) public charity and has more than $8 million in assets.

Imagine Leaving A Legacy Within The Community You Love

The Portage Foundation is a charitable organization created by and for a community of people. It is supported by local donors and overseen by a board of private citizens who work toward the greater good of the community. Funds come from a variety of sources, including bequests and living trusts, and are invested in perpetuity. The investment earnings are then distributed to worthy organizations or causes.

The purpose of a community foundation is two-fold:

  • To grow endowments that will continually benefit its defined area through grant-making and other charitable activities;
  • To serve those who donate to the endowment by helping them to accomplish their charitable goals.

The Portage Foundation, like all community foundations, is governed by a board of trustees comprised of community leaders and is administered by professional staff. Operating expenses are paid from an annual fund fee and from gifts designated by donors to cover foundation operating and program costs.

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