George L. and Genevieve D. Moore Family Endowed Scholarship – Renewal

On July 11, 1983, George L. Moore created several trusts to benefit the community. On March 23, 1984, George L. Moore renamed the trust the George L. and Genevieve D. Moore Family Trust.

With the consolidation of these trusts, George Moore noted, “Mrs. Moore had, and I also have a concerned and active interest in young people and it is my intention that the income (from the trust) be used for public and charitable purposes in providing or subsidizing non-tax supported programs for or on behalf of the young people of Aurora and neighboring communities.”

Mr. Moore further outlined his intentions noting, “In addition to programs of an educational, informative and recreational nature, said funds may be used to assist needy young people from Aurora in furthering their education. No one addicted to the use of tobacco in any form can qualify for such financial aid, and each recipient of such aid must earn through gainful employment at least as much as the amount of the grant, during each calendar or school year of the award to qualify for such aid.”

The George L. and Genevieve D. Moore Family Scholarship was first awarded in 2014 to one student who received a $3,000 award. Since that time, more than with 100 students have received scholarships totaling more than $170,000. The approximate annual scholarship will be equal to the scholarship amount awarded in the initial year.


The applicant must have graduated from Aurora High School to be eligible for a scholarship renewal. The applicant must have received a Moore Scholarship previously. The applicant must re-apply to be eligible to receive the award. Additionally, the applicant must remain enrolled in either a two-year or four-year degree program at an accredited college, university or technical school and remain in good academic standing to receive the scholarship renewal award.