League of Women Voters Helen Dix Scholarship

The League of Women Voters of Kent established a scholarship in memory of Helen Dix. When Helen
died in the Fall of 2013, she was the last surviving charter member. Helen was instrumental in furthering
the League of Women Voter’s (LWV) mission in Portage County from LWV Kent’s initial organization
meeting in 1953 throughout the rest of her life.

Helen was passionate about the importance of education and its accessibility to an informed citizenry.
This scholarship will be available to non-traditional female students at Hiram College and Kent State
University, institutions which she supported in a variety of ways for many years.
Recipients of the Helen Dix Scholarship will be selected with the hope and expectation that they will
persist in their educational pursuits, and become successful leaders in their communities and in the
career of their choice.

Contact the Portage Foundation at executivedirector@portagefoundation.org

A scholarship will be awarded to a non-traditional female student age 25 or older, US citizen, currently enrolled at the junior or senior level, and attending Hiram College or Kent State University. Current recipients may reapply for the scholarship in subsequent years. The scholarship award may be used for:

  • Non-traditional female student age 25 or older pursuing a Bachelor’s degree
  • US citizen
  • Attending Hiram College or Kent State University 
  • Currently enrolled at the junior or senior level, or seeking a second bachelor’s degree if they are pursuing one to better prepare them for a career
  • Current recipients may reapply for the scholarship in subsequent years.
  • The Portage Foundation will disperse the scholarship award in a manner that ensures the funds are used for:
    • Tuition and fees
    • Books, supplies, and equipment required for courses, or 
    • Living expenses
Minimum Requirements: The scholarship recipient must:
  • Be a female non-traditional student age 25 or more, currently enrolled at the junior or senior level, or seeking a second bachelor’s degree if pursuing additional degree to better prepare for a career. Prior recipients may re-apply for the Helen Dix Scholarship.
  • Along with application, provide two (2) letters of recommendation: one (1) letter from a current or former teacher, and one (1) letter from a community member or employer who is not a relative of the applicant.
  • Complete essay requirements and submit supplemental documentation, where indicated.
  • Be available for a personal interview with the scholarship committee.
Essay and Criteria for Selection (information to be included in essay form and submitted with the scholarship application)
  1. Self-Introduction
    • Explain why you should be considered the recipient for the Helen Dix Scholarship.
  2. Academic Performance and Accomplishments (Note: The Helen Dix Scholarship is not based solely on GPA.  The selection committee will also consider the student’s desire to achieve, to persist and to achieve her goals)
    • Provide information that addresses your academic performance and your ability to continue to make satisfactory academic progress.  
    • List any life goals and accomplishments.
    • Submit an unofficial copy of your transcript.
    • Address any barriers you have faced related to your goals and how the Helen Dix Scholarship will help you with your education.
  3. Financial Need
    • The applicant’s financial need will be considered and it will be measured by the cost of the education as compared to the applicant’s financial resources. 
    • Provide information that addresses your need of financial assistance through the Helen Dix Scholarship e.g. FAFSA.
    • Indicate how you will use the scholarship, if selected.
  4. Work and Community Activities
    • The applicant’s commitment to her community and school can be demonstrated through service, citizenship, or involvement activities related to the field of study. 
    • Attach a resume, with dates, that includes your work experience, community service, leadership positions and awards.
  5. Field of Study
    • Express why you chose your field of study and describe your career goals and aspirations.
    • Indicate whether or not you are working or volunteering in your area of study.
  6. Other
    • Submit additional information if you feel it is applicable to your scholarship eligibility.
  7. No Prejudice (In making the selection, the scholarship committee will not consider the applicant’s race, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disabilities).
Selection Committee
  • The Committee will consist of representatives of the League of Women Voters of Kent and the Portage Foundation.
  • The Portage Foundation will be responsible to publicize the scholarship availability and explain the application process in conjunction with the League of Women Voters of Kent.
  • Donors, donors’ designees, and related persons shall not control the selection process.
  • The Selection Committee will recommend to the Portage Foundation Board of Trustees who should receive a scholarship(s).  The Selection Committee will also recommend the number of scholarships and amount of each scholarship to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.  The amount(s) of the scholarships shall comply with the Foundation’s distribution policy.
  • The Foundation’s Board of Trustees will award the scholarship or scholarships after considering the recommendation of the Selection Committee.